joi, 1 septembrie 2011

Extension. Prc? How to open PRC files?

Want to read e-books and have them in. Prc? You must know that this is a dubious extension ... I do not understand very well the advantages of the use of .prc and not .pdf because while I played with myself. PRC resembled me. pdf.

It is important that we have found what they can see better after a few minutes of searching on Google and several unsuccessful attempts.
I reached a so-called program, still under testing, FBReader.
To download you need to visit the following link: link.

1. After you click here you must click on "Save file" as you learned so far or if you have not learned you should read here on the blog.
2. Appeared on the desktop icon named "FBReaderSetup-0.10.7", double-click on it.
3. Click on "Run".
4. Click "Next."

Click on "Install".

6. Click on "Close".

7. On the desktop has appeared an icon with the name "FBReader", double-click on it and opens the wonderful program that can read .prc files. It can read other e-books formats that I never heard.

I must admit, this program looks very clean without any extra thing that really do not need as a normal user.
8. Leave a comment if you can not handle.

9. Other programs with which you can see .PRCs:

- MobiPoket Reader

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