joi, 1 septembrie 2011

How do I open a PDF file?

Have you received or downloaded a .pdf file type and you do not how to open it to read it? You've got in the perfect place.
Today I will show you how to open .pdf files (Portable Document Format).
To view files of this type (.pdf) you need a tool called Adobe Reader from Adobe.
This program is provided free of manufacturing company.
To take possession of his you need to follow these steps:
1. Click here and on the window that appears click on the "Save" or "Save file" button and choose Desktop from the left if you can.
2. After the download is complete close any window that is open excluding this window with instructions.
3. On desktop appeared a new file named "AdbeRdr910_en_US_Std.exe" with or without .exe at the end, it depends.
4. Double-click it and a window may appear:

5. You must click on "Run"
6. Now you have this window appears:

7. Wait until the bar fills with green and this window will appear:

8. Here click on "Next."
9. Then click "Install" and wait ...
10. And finally click on "Finish".
11. If this window appears:

12. You must click on "Yes" to restart the computer. And when you start the computer again, you can simply open .pdf files by double-clicking on them. On first opening a window will appear with "terms and conditions", click on "Accept" and everything is fine.


Later edit: Leave comments if you find this
tutorial helpful! Thanks.

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