joi, 1 septembrie 2011

How to view files in binary mode, decimal or hexadecimal mode

A problem that I faced some time ago is to analyze the files at bit level.

Why I needed to view files at the bit level?
While I worked on homework lab for subject "compression and data encryption". A very interesting matter of fact.
I did not write encrypted or compressed data to files on 8-bit, but on a different numbers of bits. And to check if compression or encryption algorithm works correctly I had to analyze files at bit level (a text viewer do not normally provide this feature).

Solve the problem.
I searched the internet long before I found a free program that lets you view files in several ways, such as:

- Binary view
- Octal view
- Decimal view
- Hex view

The names come from the numerical base in which are data displayed (base 2, base 8, base 10 and base 16).

How is the program called?
Free Hex Editor program called Neo and is freely available for download on this site.

Besides these features the program offers other features that I still have not found / used.
This is a free version, full version certainly offers many features for viewing data files.

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